Highlight Coffee

650 Baht

Celebrated the holidays with the Starbucks® Christmas Blend, a spicy and sweet cup of coffee with hints of comfort and joy. Starbucks® Christmas Blend offers distinct flavors of Starbucks beans from Latin America and Asia Pacific, carefully aged to bring out deep notes of cedar balanced by a sweet, rich smoothness.

650 Baht

A deeper, darker version of our Christmas Blend that is customized for espresso. The Starbucks® Christmas Blend Espresso Roast combines Latin American and Indonesian beans with rare Aged Sumatra for a complex flavor profile with plummy sweetness and earthy spiciness.

450 Baht

A brings light, lively Latin American coffees together with smooth, mellow Indonesian coffees, to create luscious, sweet and spicy notes. Starbucks VIA™ Christmas Blend makes a thoughtful gift for coffee lovers, and is a way for anyone to enjoy Starbucks coffee at home.

400 Baht

Made with the same high-quality Starbucks Christmas Blend enjoyed during Christmas, Starbucks Origami™ requires no special equipment. Each single-use filter contains the perfect dose of ground coffee, so you can create a rich, delicious cup anytime.

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